FARG 2014-2015

Friday Afternoon Research Group (FARG) Schedule

UAH College of Business Administration

Spring 2015

FARG 7.03

Kevin Bao, Associate Professor of Marketing

"Do Resource Differences Between Buyers and Sellers Help or Hurt Product Innovation: The Moderating Role of Trust and Contracts"

Friday, 13 March, 3.00pm, BAB 216


FARG 7.04

Yeolan Lee, Assistant Professor of Management

"Mutual Forbearance in Factor Market Rivalry"

Friday, 24 April, 3.00pm, BAB 109


FARG 7.05

Wafa Hakim Orman, Assistant Professor of Economics; Milton Shen, Assistant Professor of Accounting

"Enhancing Online Training Experience Through Gaming --- The Importance of Individual Differences"

Friday, 1 May, 3.00pm, BAB 106


Fall 2014

FARG 7.01

Liwu Hsu, Assistant Professor of Marketing

"Understanding the Influence of Changing Performance on Customer Evaluation and Intention"

Friday, 3 October, 3.00pm, BAB 109


FARG 7.02

Chakri Deverapalli, Lecturer in IS

"Promoting via Retargeting Campaigns: An Exploratory Study"

Friday, 14 November, 3.00pm, BAB 109