Have you ever been curious how images, sound, and video come to life? Have you ever found yourself in awe of the power that a photograph or film can wield over you? If you have ever wondered what goes into the creation of media, than Digital Media Arts might expand your horizons and redefine your future...

    Digital Media Arts is the home of creativity and forward thinking for the tech center. Using some of the latest technologies and in anticipation of technologies to come, our students have all the tools needed to design and create in both artistic and professional routes.
    Combining many media types, career paths, and industry trends, the curriculum of Digital Media Arts takes a progressive approach to learning. The curriculum acts as a web rather than a linear path, incorporating elements of photography, photo editing and manipulation, graphic design and vector illustration, film editing, cinematography, 2D animation, 3D design, music and sound design, basic website design, and media performance.
    Whether Digital Media arts is a hobby, a passion, or a path in life, this is where the future begins.

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