Welcome to my course on Classroom Google sites lesson. This is intended to help teachers and
educators learn more about using websites as an effective classroom tool for education. We will explore "why" teachers should create their own class websites and how they can easily do this even without advanced technology skills.

Learning ObjectivesAfter completing this course, the learner will be able to:

  • Critique why classroom Google site is an effective educational tool.
  • Create a simple Google site for their classroom.
  • Customize it by inserting different varieties of media.
  • Control who can view and edit the site. 

Course Prerequisite: 

  • Basic computer skills
  • Interest in Google App for Education
  • Desire to have a classroom online presence

Course Units:

Unit 1: Critique the benefits of classroom websites.

Unit 2Create a classroom Google site

Unit 3Customize by inserting media

Unit 4Control the sharing options