Poicaré model of Hyperbolic Geometry using GeoGebra.

1. Herramientas en Geogebra. Desarrolladas por el Prof. Antonio Behn (página personal). 
2. Cursillo de Sage en Estructuras Algebraicas. Prof. Antonio Behn (página personal).
3. Here we have a hyperbolic triangle ABC, a point O and a hyperbolic line PQ which can all be moved.  A'B'C' is the reflection of ABC through PQ and A''B''C'' is the result of rotating ABC in an angle alpha around point O.  Feel free to move the objects and change the angle.
If you would like to experiment some more with geometry on the Poincaré disc, you are welcome to download GeoGebra and install our tools.
Antonio Francisco Behn Von Schmieden,
Mar 10, 2014, 11:23 AM