Sexual Health and Assault Peer Educators (SHAPE) was founded in 2006-2007 as an affiliate of the Northwestern University Health Service. They felt that our campus needed better sexual health and assault education and believed that peer education was the best way to get information out to the student body. The Coordinator of Sexual Health Education and
Violence Prevention at Northwestern University, currently the fabulous Laura Anne Stuart, is our SHAPE advisor. The first executive board was selected in 2008-2009. Starting in the 2010-2011 academic year, SHAPE members receive Certified Peer Educator recognition through the national BACCHUS Peer Education Network.

SHAPE’s mission is to provide education, organize events, and stimulate discussion and awareness on issues surrounding sexual health and sexual assault. The purpose of SHAPE is to increase students’ comfort with sexuality, to encourage sexually healthy behaviors, and to teach students how to recognize unhealthy and dangerous behaviors and attitudes regarding sexuality. We aim to provide a safe space for students to ask questions, find resources, and of course get condom six packs!

2010 Best New BACCHUS Network Affiliate: SHAPE 
2011 BACCHUS Network Area 4 Outstanding Student: Cari Romm, SHAPE Director 2010-11
2011 NU Center for Student Involvement Leadership Scholarship: Brit Hvide, SHAPE Director 2011-12
2011 NU LGBT Resource Center Gregg Kindle Ally Award: Cindy Huang, SHAPE Programming Chair 2010-11
2011 and 2008 BACCHUS Network Area 4 Outstanding Advisor: Laura Stuart, SHAPE Advisor
2011 BACCHUS Network Outstanding Affiliate: SHAPE
2011 BACCHUS Network Outstanding Student Award: Brit Hvide, SHAPE Director 2011-12