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Dr. Lee T. Gettler


lgettler (at)

University of Notre Dame

Department of Anthropology

636 Flanner Hall

Notre Dame, IN 46556


University of Notre Dame; South Bend, IN                       

B.A. 2005 (summa cum laude)


Northwestern University; Evanston, IL                              

Ph.D. 2012


Peer Reviewed Publications:

Gettler LT, McDade TW, Feranil AB, Kuzawa CW. in press. Prolactin, fatherhood, and reproductive behavior in human males. Am J Phys Anthropol.

Gettler LT, Feranil AB, McDade TW, Kuzawa CW. 2011. Longitudinal evidence that fatherhood decreases testosterone in human males. PNAS 108(29):16194-16199.

Gettler LT, Agustin SS, McDade TW, Kuzawa CW. 2011. Short-term changes in fathers' hormones during father-child play: Impacts of paternal attitudes and experience. Horm Behav 60(5):599-606.

Gettler LT, McDade TW, Kuzawa CW. 2011. Cortisol and testosterone in Filipino young adult men: Evidence for co-regulation of both hormones by fatherhood and relationship status. Am J Hum Biol 23(5):609-620.

Gettler LT, McKenna JJ. 2011. Evolutionary perspectives on mother-infant sleep proximity and breastfeeding in a laboratory setting. Am J Phys Anthropol 144:454-462.

Gettler LT. 2010. Direct male care and hominin evolution: Why male-child interaction is more than a nice social idea. American Anthropologist 112(1):7-21.

Gettler LT, Agustin SS, Kuzawa CW. 2010. Testosterone, physical activity, and somatic outcomes among Filipino males. Am J Phys Anthropol 142:590–599.

Gettler LT, McKenna JJ. 2010. Never sleep with baby? Or keep me close but keep me safe: Eliminating inappropriate “safe infant sleep” rhetoric in the United States. Current Pediatric Reviews 6:71-77 

Kuzawa C, Gettler LT, Huang J, McDade TW. 2010. Mothers have lower testosterone: Evidence from the Philippines. Horm Behav 57(5):441-447.

Kuzawa C, Gettler LT, Muller MN, McDade TW, and Feranil AB. 2009. Fatherhood, pairbonding, and testosterone in the Philippines. Horm Behav 56(4):429-435.

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McKenna JJ, Ball HL, Gettler LT. 2007.  Mother-infant co-sleeping, breastfeeding and sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS): What biological anthropology has discovered about normal infant sleep and pediatric sleep medicine. Yrbk Phys Anthropol S45:133-161.

Published Abstracts

Gettler LT, McDade TW, Feranil AB, Kuzawa CW. 2012. Is there a prolactin paradox in human males? Prolactin, fatherhood, and reproductive behavior in a large sample of Filipino men. Am J Hum Biol 24:214.

Kuzawa CW, Gettler LT, Thayer ZM, McDade TW. 2012. The Testosterone awaking drop: Rapid post-waking decline in testosterone in males and females. Am J Hum Biol 24:212.

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Gettler LT, McDade TW, Kuzawa CW. 2011. Does cortisol suppress testosterone under day-today conditions? Evidence from a large cohort of young adult Filipino males. Am J Phys Anthropol 144(S52):141.

Gettler LT, Agustin S, Kuzawa C. 2010. Testosterone, body composition, and strength among Filipino males. Am J Hum Biol 22(2):254.

Gettler LT, McKenna JJ. 2008. Do the nighttime nutritional needs of the infant drive the duration of the human sleep cycle? Am J Phys Anthropol 135(S46):102-103.

Edited Volume Chapters

Gettler LT, McKenna JJ. in press. Cosleeping. Barrett D, McNamara P, (eds) The Encyclopedia of Sleep and Dreams. Santa Barbara, CA: ABC/CLIO Press.

McKenna JJ, Gettler LT. in press. It’s dangerous to be an infant: on-going relevance of John Bowlby’s Environment of Evolutionary Adaptedness (the EEA) in promoting healthier births, safer maternal-infant sleep, and breastfeeding in a contemporary western industrial context. Narvaez D, Panksepp J, Schore A, Gleason T, (eds). Evolution, Early Experience and Human Development: From Research to Practice and Policy. New York: Oxford University Press.

McKenna JJ, Gettler LT. 2010. Co-sleeping, breastfeeding and sudden infant death syndrome. In Tremblay RE, Peters RD, Boivin M, Barr RG, (eds). Encyclopedia on Early Childhood Development. Montreal: Centre of Excellence for Early Childhood Development. 1-10. Published online.

McKenna JJ, Gettler LT. 2009. Sleep: Sleeping arrangements. Schweder R, (ed). The Child: An Encyclopedic Companion. University of Chicago Press. 917-920.

McKenna JJ, Gettler LT. 2008. Cultural influences on infant sleep biology and the science that studies it: Toward a more inclusive paradigm, part II. In, Marcus C, Carroll J, Donnelly D, Loughlin G, (eds). Sleep in Children: Developmental Changes in Sleep Patterns, 2nd Edition. New York: Marcel Dekker. 183-221.

McKenna JJ, Gettler LT. 2007. Mother-infant cosleeping with breastfeeding in the western industrialized context: A bio-cultural perspective. In Hale TW, Hartmann PE, (eds). Textbook of Human Lactation. Amarillo, Texas: Hale Publishing, 271-302. 

Book Reviews

Gettler LT. 2011. Review of Fatherhood: Evolution and Human Paternal Behavior by Drs. Peter B. Gray and Kermyt G. Anderson (2010). Harvard University Press: Cambridge, MA. Am J Hum Biol 23:145-146.

Popular Media Publications

Gettler LT. 2010. The careful decision to bedshare: Helping parents navigate choices about infant sleep location. International Doula 18(1): 8-13.

McKenna JJ, Gettler LT. 2010.  Can co-sleeping be done safely? Yes: Preserve beneficial sleep practice. Op-Ed, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. January 21.

Gettler LT, McKenna JJ. 2009. On science vs. ideology, respect vs. dismissiveness in the cosleeping debate: Reaction and response. Mothering Magazine. May-June: 18-20. 

Gettler LT, McKenna JJ. 2009. The science of sharing sleep. Mothering Magazine. Jan-Feb: 42-51.


Fellowships and Grants

2011        Graduate Research Grant, Northwestern University

2010        Wenner-Gren Dissertation Field Grant: Longitudinal Perspectives on Paternal Socioendocrinology in the Philippines

2010        Wenner-Gren Osmundsen Initiative

2010        National Science Foundation Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant: Longitudinal Perspectives on Human Paternal Psychobiology in the Philippines

  2009        National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship

2009        Cells to Society (C2S): The Center on Social Disparities and Health, Northwestern University. Student Research Grant: The Role of Prolactin in Paternal Psychobiology

2008        Institute for Policy Research Graduate Assistantship, Northwestern University. 

  2008        LeCron Foster & Friends of Anthropology Summer Research Grant, Northwestern University