Anne Bronte as drawn by her sister Charlotte

Welcome!  Anne Bronte at Northwestern University is a scholarly website developed by two Northwestern students and their mentor, devoted to bringing to light the youngest and least recognized of the Bronte sisters.  The eldest and most long-lived, Charlotte Bronte, is most famously known for literary classics such as Jane Eyre, Shirley, The Professor, and others.  The middle sister, Emily Bronte, is known only for her masterpiece Wuthering Heights before her premature death of tuberculosis in 1848.  Yet the last and least known daughter of Patrick Bronte outlived both Emily and their brother Branwell, and wrote two novels before her death in 1849:  Agnes Grey and The Tenant of Wildfell Hall.

Besides the inclusion of details concerning these two novels, the tabs above will guide you on a tour of facts and information collected from various sources and other scholarly locales on the life and circumstances of Anne Bronte and her family.  For a complete list of our bibliographical sources, please click here.

The Victorian Society and Culture tab will help to establish the setting for which Anne Bronte's writing took place:  the landscape, culture, and societal tendencies of Victorian England; monetary conversions, archaic language or difficult vocabulary from the novels, et cetera.  On our sidebar navigation you will find links to the definitive Oxford English Dictionary, with versions for those who attend Northwestern (netID login) and also for those who do not.  Feel free to use both of these as references/guides to clear up uncertainties for the reading or analysis of Anne Bronte's novels.

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Lastly, as more of a modern connection, we have included a tab devoted entirely to the BBC film adaptation of Anne Bronte's The Tenant of Wildfell Hall (as Agnes Grey has yet to be done!).  Information on the production, actors, and contrasts and similarities to the novel can be found here.

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