Resources for Social Justice in the Writing Center

These sources have been compiled to answer and raise questions as we think about writing centers as places for social justice.

Writing Centers and the New Racism -- Laura Greenfield 
  • Chapter ?: The Standard English Fairy Tale (Greenfield, 33) 

Taking into consideration the fact that languages are living and thus cannot be standardized. Considering the global reach English has, there is debates on how variants of English should be treated in academic institutions. Greenfield pushes reader to answer a question based on the global ownership of English: Is it racist to correct a student's dialect in their writing?
  • Chapter ?: Writing Centers and the New Racism Should Writers Use They Own English? (Young, 61)


  • Queering the Writing Center (Denny)

  • Centering Difference: Student Agency and the Limits of ‘Comfortable’ Collaboration (Sloan)

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