This assessment plan calls for several formative assessments to take place during the project.  These assessments are designed to check for student understanding prior to the start of the project and during the development of the project.  Specifically the democracy and dictatorship online quiz can be given as pre and/or post test.  The Frayer Model will check for basic understanding during the beginning stages of the project.  The Planning Mind Map will assess whether student are on the right track before committing to their final project and the writing prompts can be used at any time during the project.  The main summative assessment will be the final product and rubric which you can find on this page.  Also a  summative, reflective essay will be completed by students upon completion of the project.  You can find links to all assessments and rubrics below.

Formative Assessments (During the project)
Summative Assessments (End of Project)