Google Apps

Google Apps for Education, or "GAFE" for short-hand, is a powerful cloud-based resource provided by Google for schools. This service is free. Yes FREE! Many schools are choosing to use Google as a replacement for local file storage and for content creation (documents, spreadsheets, and presentations).

So what does this mean to you as a student, and how is it going to change the way you work at school and at home? Well, this website provides you with all the foundation skills you need to understand and use Google to complete your assignments. 

There are three lesson plans contained in this unit, and each is organized to guide you through the Google landscape. By the time you complete these lessons, you will:
  • Understand why storing your files in the CLOUD will make it easier for you to complete assignments at home.
  • Access and use Google Drive to create and manage all of your files.
  • Create a Google Doc
  • Share your files with classmates and teachers.
  • Simultaneously work on the same document with a group of your peers.
  • Use a Chromebook for fast and easy access to your Google files.
  • Share your work using Chromecast to project your file to the classroom interactive board.
Let's Get Started

These lessons are designed specifically for the Guilford School District, but other school districts are free to use or modify them. The lessons are designed to be completed in sequence, as skills mastered in the prior lesson are a prerequisite for the subsequent lesson. Downloadable versions of the unit of study, the three lesson plans, and all supporting graphics are available in the Resources section of this site.