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AP Spanish Language Exam Info

April 2018-Introduction to AP Exam Review Unit:

Although this class contains content that will increase your chances of success on the AP Spanish Language Exam, we do not prepare for the exam format during class time. Therefore, if you are interested in taking the exam, you must prepare outside of class. I have compiled a list of resources to help you. I would listen to the podcasts daily and take notes. Furthermore, I recommend that you purchase materials that contain current test format examples. As I have stated in class, it is my recommendation that you also pursue the placement exam provided by the university you are going to attend. These exams are free and generally much easier.

The AP Exam requires students to be able to read, write, listen, speak, and synthesize/analyze information that is presented in Spanish and use the language to answer questions, write an informal (email) and formal (essay) composition, respond appropriately to a phone message in a recording, and present a two-minute recorded oral presentation. Each student must possess a large vocabulary in Spanish, as well as have the reading/writing/speaking/listening skills necessary to interpret cultural information that is presented in Spanish in order to be successful on the AP Exam. Through class readings, oral presentations, grammar reviews, essays and oral practice each student will be exposed to activities that will appear on the AP Exam.

Click on the underlined links below and the Prezi to get a better understanding of the components of the exam.  We will continue a review and practice in class in the following weeks.

Temas del examen  AP Spanish Language and Culture
Click above to see the detailed themes that may be included in each component of the exam

Recursos para practicar AP Spanish Language and Culture
Click above to practice a variety of authentic audio podcasts, video clips, newspapers, vocab and grammar drills

Click HERE and read the updated components of the 2018AP Spanish Language Exam

El examen consiste en 3 Modos de Comunicación:
    Interpretación, Interpersonal, Presentación
         Interpretación:   Lectura, Lectura con Audio
         Interpersonal:    Un correo electrónico, Conversación simulada
         Presentación:   Ensayo persuasivo, Comparación Cultural

If you are finished reviewing the links above, you can return to the schedule for today


Do not sign up for the LITERATURE exam.  In order to prepare for the AP Spanish Literature, you must read many works by Hispanic authors and be prepared to (much like the AP English Literature Exam) analyze the works.

Common AP Language Course Textbooks:
    Abriendo Paso:Temas y Lectura.
    Temas AP Spanish Language & Culture ISBN:   978-1-61857-565-4
Imagina: Español sin Barrera
    Triángulo: A propósito

Exam Practice Guide:
     AP* Spanish Language Culture and Exam Preparation ISBN: 978-1-61857-246-2
     Cracking the AP Spanish Language & Culture Exam 2016  ISBN: 978-0804126243

Grammar Guide:
     Una Vez Mas  ISBN: 978-0801309724  

      AP Readings

Ejercicios de AP 2018:
     These are the daily assignments we will be using in class to practice for the upcoming exam