Spanish Club

BHS Spanish Club

¡Bienvenidos al Club de Español!

2008 Officers
 Presidente-Ellen Lose, Visapresidente-Kelly Jaynes,
Secretaria-Akta Patel, Tesorero-Eric Cooper, Historiadoras-Cody Chong, Monica Bhatia

Meeting Time and Place:
We meet every Wednesday morning at 7:00-7:30 AM in Room C325.

Goals of the Spanish Club:
To increase student communication skills in Spanish.
To reinforce concepts and vocabulary taught in Spanish classes.
To develop a better understanding of the Hispanic culture.
To encourage and promote further foreign language study.
To promote interest in the travel abroad program.
To become more involved in the school and community activities.
To foster relationships between students of similar interests.

Activities of Club (Vary each year):

  1. Elect student officers each school year (President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Historian)

  2. Keep records of all current club members by taking attendance at each meeting.

  3. Distribute attendance lists each semester to all Spanish teachers. (secretary)

  4. Keep a scrap book and/or website of current events, pictures, officers, etc.

  5. Participate in Homecoming activities.  This will include parade (including banner/float and T-shirts), Hawkfest fundraising activities (such as Kiss a Pig Contest-students voted to see their favorite teacher kiss a real live pig at the Homecoming assembly), and decorating the classroom door and/or the football stadium with posters (in Spanish) to cheer on the team.

  6. Organize the sale of dictionaries and grammar books to the Spanish classes.

  7. Decorate a display case with an altar for the Day of the Dead (November 1st-2nd ).

  8. Provide craft activities for the Day of the Dead (tissue flowers, sugar skulls, etc) and Christmas (Ojos de Dios).

  9. Donate presents to the needing during the month of December for Giving Tree.

  10. Interview and vote for club scholarship winners each year, with the following process: Complete application by the given deadline and interview with club members (both in Spanish) Winner(s) determined by the following: a secret ballot of the members, the club sponsor’s vote, and attendance record of the candidates throughout the year. Amount of scholarship will vary each year depending on account funds available. Checks will be distributed upon submitting transcript showing successful completion of one semester Spanish class at the university level the following year.

  11. Offer a holiday dinner at a Mexican or Spanish restaurant with a grab bag.

  12. Offer field trips to Hispanic plays, dance performances, etc.

  13. Provide weekly activities and games to reinforce concepts being learned in Spanish classes.  Generally the club officers help to organize and play these games.  Scrabble rocks!

  14. Work with the other language clubs to organize joint club activities. (ie. Marti Gras, Hawkworld (an International Club Fair), bowling, soccer game with German Exchange Students)

  15. Offer a film fest/pizza party some time around finals, providing a Spanish film and pizza to any Spanish Club member and one guest.  This event has turned into a Filmfest. Students submit films made for their Spanish class projects and we have a contest with awards and prizes. Muy Divertido :)

  16. Sponsor a Staff Talent Show (new 2008) in conjunction with the Student Talent Show.

Aplicación Para La Beca del Club de Español







Número de teléfono:____________________







Preguntas Personales


¿A cuál universidad va a asistir Ud.?



¿Piensa Ud. estudiar español en la universidad?





¿Por cuántos años ha estudiado Ud. el español?




¿Qué piensa ser en el futuro?






¿Cuáles son sus metas y planes para visitar diferentes países como estudiante de extranjero?



¿Qué ha hecho Ud. para hacer mejor el club de Español?








Actividades Extracurriculares












All applications are due by 7:10 AM, Wednesday, May __, Room C325.  Any student who does not submit an application at this time will be disqualified.  Students will be interviewed at this time.


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