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Academic Honesty Policy

The use of translators is FORBIDDEN and is a violation of the honor policy.  

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Academic Honesty Policy

Academic honesty requires that all course work a student presents to an instructor honestly and accurately indicates the student’s own academic efforts.  It is inappropriate to engage in any activity that might constitute academic misconduct.  Some examples include but are not limited to:

o       Cutting and pasting from the web without proper citation.

o       Paraphrasing from the web or other sources without crediting the source(s).

o       Using another person’s ideas, words or research and presenting it as one’s own.  This includes computer-based translations.

If you have any questions regarding this issue (such as what kind of help from a friend, parent, tutor, another teacher is/is not acceptable) discuss it with your instructor before handing in work that is not entirely your own.  Academic dishonesty will not be tolerated and may result in teacher detentions and failure for that assignment.  The use of any translation program is considered academic dishonesty. Your signature below indicate that you have read and understand the above policy regarding academic honesty.

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