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Semester 2 Exam

Exprésate 2
Capitulos 4.1-8.2

Partes del Examen:  Parte I:  hablando (con la profesora), Parte II:  escribiendo (un ensayo), y Parte III:  escuchando, leyendo, gramática, vocabulario, cultura, novela (scantron)

Final Review (see below)
Final Practice Exam  (see below)         
Verb List
Cap. 4- Jeopardy Preterite Tense
Cap. 5-Matching Game     
Cap. 6-Rags to Riches      
Cap. 7/8-Rags to Riches Vocab. 8         
               Rags to Riches P/I 
               Jeopardy Vocab. 8 
               Mas de Capitulos 7-8              

Dia Dos en computadoras:
                Pon clic en-Learning Targets Quarter 3 and Quarter 4 
                Pon clic en-La Novela y repasa con tu compañero 

What else to study?  All links on this site (including old chapter links/target links), flashcards, wbvg (grammar info. ch.4-8), notes, journal entries, textbook chapter summaries and vocab lists (at end of each chapter) Also, watch these videos  or view these Podcasts at home for a review of the Preterite, Imperfect, Demonstratives, etc.

Test Format-  One speaking assessment will take place during class 5/22-5/25.  One essay will be completed on Friday, May 19th. (Rubric).The scantron portion of the test will include approx. 15 listening, aprox. 60 reading, grammar, and vocabulary, 20 questions on the novel, and 10 culture questions. It will take place during the normal exam time (5/24-Periods 4,8 and 5/25-Period 7).

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