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Semester 1 Exam

Examen del Semestre
Capitulos 1-3

Partes del Examen:  Oral (33%), Written (33%), y Scantron (33%)

Study Packet -Due day before final     (extra copies below) 
Practice Exam  -Due day of final  (extra copies below)   ANSWER KEY 
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Oral/Written Exam Topics

Practica en computadora:
                Cap. 1-Challenge Board
                Cap. 2-Study Stack
                Cap. 3-Rags to Riches  y Tarjetas Preterito        

Dia Dos en computadora:
                Pon clic en  Quarter 1    Quarter 2

What else to study?  All links on this site (including old chapter links), verb list for semester, Online text at (do all exercises and self-tests for chap.1-3), flashcards, workbooks, notes, journal entries, textbook chapter summaries, exercises, and vocab lists (at end of each chapter)

Test Format-One speaking topic will be assessed individually on December 13th-15th.(Rubric). One essay will be completed on Friday, Dec. 15th. The scantron portion of the test will include approx. 15 listening, approx. 75 reading, grammar, and vocabulary, and approx. 5-10 culture questions. It will take place during the normal exam time (Wednesday, 12/20 Periods 2,4,6,8 or Thursday, 12/21 Periods 1,3,5,7). 

~srta. Schiada

Librito or Pon clic y haz un librito de tu viaje a un lugar hispanico que estudiamos en clase este semestre. Incluye: 7 verbos irregulares del preterito, 5-7 lugares de vocab (Cap.3), 5-7 pics, 2-3 info. cultural de Santo Domingo, Cuzco, Peru, or Mexico, DF


Gina Schiada,
Nov 18, 2016, 2:37 PM
Gina Schiada,
Nov 18, 2016, 2:37 PM