Skills Practice

Below you will find a variety of video links to help you understand the grammar concepts of each unit.

Grammar Videos

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Resources Spanish 3-4

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Click on these links to explore, practice, review, or entertain yourself on a boring day.

Spanish Names
-use this list to choose your class name.
Review Spanish 1-2 -Did you forget everything from last year?
Spanish Accents-use this link to create the accents on any of your work
Writing/Speaking Rubric-review the expectations for all assessments.
Academic Honesty Policy -
review these expectations of this course.

Miscellaneous Review

Vocabulary Flashcards
Extra Grammar and Vocabulary Practice Games
Grammar Podcasts (ITunes)
Verbit Game!

Verb Matching Game
-this is an excellent review game.
Play Memory Game-another excellent review game.
Word Order Quiz-a great way to review sentences.
Play Fun Burrito Conjugation Game -really silly!
Play Free Rice -change subject to Spanish
Verbos de Espanol 1-2-do you remember these verbs?
Verbos de Español 3-4-do you know these verbs?
Grammar Drills- this webpage shows each tense
¿Qué hiciste este fin de semana?
Lo que yo hice este fin de semana II.....

Review Videos
Grammar Videos- watch these videos to review
Srta.'s Crazy Video Collection
Cry Me a Verb Video-silly conjugation music video!
Teach Your Cat Languages Video -watch at home
Videos de Niko- - watch a little kid review vocab!

Destinos Videos -see these cultural "soap operas".
Sr. Wooly's Videos-watch Soy Guapo and Puedo Ir al Baño.

Quarter Learning Targets

Quarter 1

Quarter 2
Quarter 3
Quarter 4


Extra Practice & Journal Entries

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Click on the current chapter we are studying and practice the corresponding vocabulary and grammar links before each assessment.  Also, find the journal entries listed for each current journal assignments. Journal entries are included with each chapter.

The purposes of journal writing:

  1. To increase Spanish writing proficiency/fluency.

  2. To reinforce concepts and vocabulary being learned in class.

  3. To increase vocabulary skills.

  4. To express your thoughts, opinions, and feelings.

  5. To demonstrate how well you are comprehending new information in class.

  6. To focus on quality, not quantity.

  7. To reinforce what we are learning in class.

  8. To learn how to correct your own errors and the errors of others.

  9. To improve your expressiveness and creativity in the language.

  10. To prepare you for the next level of Spanish.

*Current Journal assignments are posted on the white board in the front of the classroom.
*In addition, check your class webpage for journal assignments on the link of the current chapter.

Exprésate Online Textbook

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Click here to access your textbook and workbooks for extra practice/self tests.  Using the online textbook at home, you will be able to complete assignments without having to bring home your book or workbooks.

4th Hour Login       Username:  s4h5z                Password:  p4k6j
7th Hour Login       Username:  s7v6s                Password:  v3j5x
8th Hour Login       Username:  s8s2d                Password:  f3j2p

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