Reassessment Materials

Requirements for Reassessment: 
1) No "Missing" or "Incomplete" assignments in Infinite Campus
2) Fill out the "Reassssment Readiness" Google Form on Google Classroom. 
3) Suggested, but not required: Taking advantage of these videos here! There is a lot that can help you re-learn material here! 

 Geometric Transformations
IF A - Represent, describe, & compare transformations
 Coordinate Plane & Intersecting Lines
IF A - Explore in the Coordinate Plane 
Calculating Slope
Writing Equations of Lines using Point Slope Form
Area & Perimeter in the Coordinate Plane
Area & Perimeter in the Coordinate Plane 2
IF C - Parallel & Perpendicular Lines 
Writing Equations of Parallel & Perpendicular Lines
Finding Slope from an Equation & Classifying
Finding Slope Between two Points & Classifying
IF D - Prove theorems about Lines & Angles