Typewronger Books is proud to present its UK subscription service! Subscribers shall receive one book per month for a year especially selected for them with a typewritten personal note including a little additional information on the book and a sneak peek at the next month’s pick! All of the books contain a bookmark and are stamped with the Typewronger shop stamp; each one is wrapped in brown paper and hairy string. Fiction, non-fiction, classic, contemporary - we will endeavor to match your tastes and perhaps show you something a little different!

1. The Starter Kit. You will receive a letter explaining the subscription and asking you a few questions about your reading habits and preferences alongside a Typewronger Books tote bag.

2. Taking Your Measurements. We'll arrange a face-to-face or Skype meeting to get a more in-depth idea of your reading tastes, to work out what sort of direction the subscription should take.

3. The Books. Every month we'll post a book to your address or you can arrange to pick it up in store. Your feedback is essential to make sure we keep on track!


A couple of other things…

Returns Policy
The idea of a subscription is to show you books you wouldn’t necessarily choose yourself. However, if there is a book you’ve read before or a book you are certain you won’t enjoy, do tell us before so we can change it for something else. Your monthly note will usually include details of the next book we're organising to make sure there is never a problem.

The Wild Card
One month in the subscription we'll send you a wild card book, out of the blue without warning, flying in the face of your usual reading preferences! This is intended to shake up your reading habits a bit in the way an online algorithm never could. The Wild Card is non-returnable, but will always be something excellent. 

Subscriptions include cost of UK postage. Standardised overseas shipping will be available within the next few months, for now please email me for a specific quote.


£180 each