Typewronger Books is also a publisher, and we have three of our publications available to buy at the shop, online, and at various select bookshops. 



by Flora Hibberd

Flora's haunting lyrics have been typeset on an Olivetti Lettera 32 typewriter. With her own illustrations, these have been produced as an A5 risograph booklet in red and blue. Has a distinctly 1960s feel...

Please be sure to select the appropriate shipping from the drop-down menu! £7 for UK customers, £9 for EU, and £10 for the rest of the world!

10 Ways To Commit Murder With A Royal Ten Typewriter

I've always said if I were to commit murder it would be with a Royal 10 Typewriter. If you want to know HOW, Typewronger Books has produced this little zine! It's a folded A3 sheet of sugar paper riso printed in red and black on both sides with a series of 10 cartoons showing my ten favourite methods & includes a disclaimer. This zine can be posted worldwide.

The Misadventures of John Nicholson

By Robert Louis Stevenson

Typewronger Books is proud to publish this lesser known classic novella by RLS. Featuring an introduction by Stevensonian Jeremy Hodges and illustrations by local artist Joanna Robson.

Embezzlement, theft, a mugging up Ca(r)lton Hill, a police bust, a gruesome murder, an incompetent hero & a comedy cabby. At Christmas. Discover this fantastic little-known Edinburgh classic!


Though we do not accept unsolicited manuscripts, if you have a project you think Typewronger Books could collaborate on, do email info@typewronger.com We are particularly interested in poetry and short stories, and there is the possibility of a Typewronger journal to be released in the next few months.