Please find links attached to many of the people, groups, companies, spaces places and creatives who have been involved in the Zine Fair! Don't see yourself here? Email tom@typewronger.com !

www.typewronger.com - The Edinburgh Zine Fair is organised & administered by Typewronger Books, an independent bookshop and typewriter repair shop on Leith Walk.

www.outoftheblue.org.uk - The Edinburg Zine Fair took place at Out Of The Blue Drill Hall in 2019.

www.outoftheblueprint.orgA social enterprise print studio based in Edinburgh. Who specialise in risograph printing, an affordable, eco-friendly print process with a unique aesthetic.

www.prancepress.com - Luke is an independent artist, making  his living by producing stories and writing that he's passionate about. His wares are uplifting, gummy, honest souvenirs from a strange life. He writes novellas, collections of poems, and stories for strangers on the street.

www.bloodbathlitzine.comBlood Bath is a literary zine; produced in print and EPUB, it is dedicated to exposing Scottish fiction’s weird horror underbelly, publishing horror/genre poetry, short stories and illustration.

www.smexart.com - Alex's work is colourful, playful and predominantly produced on MS Paint. Alex will be selling a series of prints, cards, pin badges and zines ranging from cookbooks of greasy Scottish food to illustrated stories about that wee dinosaur you see when ‘there is no internet connection’.

www.axemarnie.myportfolio.com - Axe has exhibited at the comics convention Thought Bubble in Leeds and exhibited paintings and illustrations in collective shows and solo, and had poetry and art published in various magazines. At the first Scottish Trans Pride they led a free comic making workshop.

www.samriviere.com/index.php?/together/if-a-leaf-falls-press/ - If a Leaf Falls Press publishes v. limited edition poetry with an emphasis on appropriative and procedural writing processes. 

www.spamzine.co.uk -  SPAM zine, currently based between Glasgow and London, is a print publication of post-internet poetry, bridging the gap between the online divine and pathetic IRL. Swerving between irony and sincerity, high and low culture, DIY production and serious critique, it hones on the essential themes of our times, including AstroTurf, Cruise Liner and Notes from the Watercooler. SPAM Press is a pamphlet machine whose recent and forthcoming publications include Daisy Lafarge's capriccio, Anna Danielewicz's An orca is way too big to attach, unless as a jpeg, Helen Charman's Daddy Poem and Calum Roger's Ports. With the aim of facilitating, promoting, reviewing and extending the reach of experimental poetics -- both live and on the page -- SPAM aims to Make Poetry Cool Again. Come by our stall to pick up recent publications and merch, sample some poems, or simply chat oscillations of affect in the virtual plaza.

Mardale Studios - Caroline channels her musings by scribbling them onto scraps of paper then glueing and copying and folding them into zine form. 

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpA4XcuLjkxwcn-yeQ7DwNQBurnt Paw is a songwriter and fingerstyle guitarist who lives beneath Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh. Paw’s music unwinds from hidden landcapes, dream-fragments, myths, imaginary adventures, oral histories and storytelling journeys. He also loves self-made art and zines, occasionally publishes poetry collections, reads a lot of Walt Whitman, buys too many second hand books on Neolithic history. x

https://www.instagram.com/constantine_artist/Portraits of both Real and Fictional characters.

www.stills.org/freshfocus - @christinawebber @daveferriephoto @samwooddoowmas 

doad.co.uk - Dungeons on a Dime is a magazine making roleplaying games easier to play, one adventure are a time. Written to be used with Dungeons and Dragons, Each issue is a self-contained and open-ended adventure, filled with detailed characters and exciting scenarios. Each issue is also accompanied with custom maps, miniatures and handouts so that you have almost everything you need to play in one pack. Illustrated by entry level creatives and printed at the fantastic social enterprise, Out of the Blueprint, the magazine has received acclaim reviews online and in stores across the UK. www.fruitmarket.co.uk - Fresh Fruit, The Fruitmarket Gallery’s programme for 16-25 year olds, art and architecture zine.  

https://www.instagram.com/planet.of.the.ape_ricots - Have you ever wondered what a 14 year old's view of the Earth after humans leave is? (Probably not) YES? Well, now you will know with Alistair Smith's Planet of the Ape-Ricots! Planet of the Ape-Ricots is a pun-filled fruit-based zine with wholesome stories from Generically modified grapes to cave-men Ape-Ricots!