Room 407 News

Happy Spring!!!

We were very busy during the month of March and it definitely flew by in Room 407!!!  In March, we focused on Dr. Seuss' birthday at the beginning of the month and we reviewed lots of rhyming words.  In addtion, we spent time learning about How To's in writing.  We worked on How To Build a Snowman, How to Wash our Hands, and we finished with our last How To Make Pizza.  Please read these amazing writing pieces with your child to reinforce their reading skills. 

In Math, we continued to broaden our addition and subtraction skills up to 20.  Double ten frames were very helpful in teaching and reviewing these concepts. 

In Reader's Workshop, your child has been choosing "Just Right" books at their reading levels to practice reading in class independently and with a reading partner.  We learned that if you have a hard time reading 5 words on a page in a book, then it might be not a "Just Right" book at this time.  The children have been learning to find one reading spot, stay there and use the strategies we have been working on to read.  Review these strategies at home with your child to remind them what good readers do when reading a story:


Important Dates this Month:  Thursday, October 9th- Roller Kingdom PreK-2nd Grade (Older siblings welcome)
                                                       Friday, October 10th    - 1/2 Day all of TES dismissed at 12:00pm
                                                                                                 - Progress Reports sent home
                                                       Monday, October 13th - No School - Columbus Day
                                                       Monday, October 20th-Wizards Game at THS gymnasium
                                                       Wednesday, October 22nd- 1/2 Day all of TES dismissed at 12:00pm

Thank you parents for all of your supplies you have sent in to our classroom!  I will keep you posted when we begin to run low on any items.  Also, thank you for sending in your BoxTops for education! 

We have had a fabulous October getting to know each other better in Room 407.  The students have been learning our routines and learning how to work together and cooperate as a community does in the world.  The students have been completing activities that allow them to learn and apply the skills they have learned.  We have been writing, spelling and making our names with letters.  The students have been learning to form and write the letters using the headline, mid-line and baseline as a guide in our Zaner-Bloser Handwriting program.  In addition, the students have been given some baseline assessments in class by Mrs. Gertz, one of TES' Title One Reading Specialist teachers.  She has administered our Letter identification and letter sounds assessment and she has administered the Concepts About Print assessment to see what knowledge your child has already about letters, words, directionality of reading, punctuation, and book knowledge.  The children are performing well on these skills.  Those students whom are in need of extra practice and application of knowledge will be instructed in class through learning based centers such as games, puzzles, high interest activities, and some worksheets for cutting, coloring and gluing application.
This week we have been using our scientific skills to observe apples.  Your child is drawing and dictating or writing phonetically what they see through the magnifying glass.  I cut the apples in various ways so the students can see the differences.
The students will be bringing home their Apples book we started last week.  Please be sure to see if they can read this cute predictable print book with you.  This week we will be completing a Fall predictable print book for them to read to you at home as well.  It is crucial that you have your child present these books to you and show an interest in their reading.  I have told them that if mom or dad are busy, they should read to a pet, a stuffed animal or to a younger or older sibling.  Instilling a love of reading is a wonderful gift!
In Math, we have completed Topic 2 and we will begin Topic 3.  See the enVision Math tab above to review what we will be learning in each Topic throughout the year.
We had a short yet exciting week in kindergarten!  Tuesday we met with Mrs. Spanos TES' nurse intern who met with our class to view and discuss Food Allergies.  The children were attentive and have been doing a fabulous job showing me their snacks to keep all of their friends safe in and out of our classroom. 
Wednesday, the PTO sponsored our in-house field trip to the TES library for Paulette the Paleontologist who shared her knowledge of dinosaurs with her self-written 6 foot-tall book The World of Dinosaurs.  The students loved viewing the fossils she has collected since she was in 2nd grade.  The children loved touching the koprylite!!! Ask them what that is!!!

Thursday, we had our annual Fire Safety presentation by Firefighter Pelletier, Capt. Sands, and Capt. Newton.  The children were shown a video about the importance of making fire drill plans to exit your home.  Please discuss this information with your child and check your fire detectors.  They suggest replacing batteries twice a year... one when we turn the clocks back and then again when we turn the clocks ahead to ensure the batteries do not lose their charge.
Thanks for the amazing find in your watermelon our friend!!!
  Can you see the heart?