Practice...'cause everything is difficult before it's easy!

Courts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 are reserved M-Th-F 5-7pm during the Fall/Spring semesters for Club practice.

The FastTrack to Getting Good - Fall/Spring 2021-22

Those attending the last Nationals saw skills exhibited ranging from Novice to Open level. You will never be any better at this game than your skills! So what's the fastest way to develop your own skill set?

  1. Develop throwing skills with both arms. If you can't throw it, you can't stroke it with
      control. Sure, you can swing at it and hit it in some fashion but it will lack the power
      and control of ideal throwing/hitting mechanics.

  2. Inventory your game. Work on one serve, one offensive shot and one defensive shot
      per workout.

  3. Practice that triad for the balance of your workout time in live competition as allowed. 
     Design it and build skill at a time.

  4. Play/report challenge matches from here forward as allowed.

  5. Get in shape to compete! Extra cardiovascular and leg strength is critical.


Below are three levels of development all players must work thru to get really good at handball. I've summarized key points that you must be aware of and master to reach your potential.'ll never be any better at handball than your SKILLS-mental and physical.

  • NOVICE PLAYERS...the most important things to develop are: an expanding variety of serves, then use the one(s) your opponent has the most trouble returning...the ability to keep the ball in play when returning serves/volleying is ever aware to move toward center court as soon as you hit the ball in anticipation of the next shot...use your time outs when you sense the momentum turn against you (time outs are 1 minute each...3 per 21 point game...2 per 11 point tie breaker).
  • INTERMEDIATE addition to mastering the lessons learned as a Novice the most important things to develop are: reduction in unforced hand errors...improved game strategy...more variety and consistent service execution ...defensive shots that move your opponent out of front court...force opponent to hit most shots with their weak hand...  learn to end/win the rally when a set up presents itself...ideal shot selection allows less than perfect execution to be effective...and vice versa... conditioning and belief in yourself becomes more important.
  • ADVANCED addition to mastering Novice and Intermediate lessons: you must employ superior game strategy...develop mental in court/in play observational skills and emotional cool-confidence under pressure...opponent specific service selection & precise execution to get a rally ending set up (do well for 2-3 aces per game)...refined ability to read service/volley hooks and angles...varied and consistent defensive shots with both hands...ability to sense when to change tempo...excellent awareness of opponent's skills, weakness, position, direction-speed of movement, attitude/confidence level, conditioning, wet gloves, change of game tempo, momentum... ideal shot selection and varied ambidextrous skills (with near zero unforced hand errors) to kill the ball or hit a corner pass shot or two wall pass shot to win the must seize the moment when set ups occur...supreme conditioning to compete thru an extended match's- tournament's duration. Not easy, but worth it!