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Two Sisters Shipping offers most of the same services as your local US Post Office!

We are an approved US Postal center and so you can drop off your outgoing mail, purchase stamps, and do many of the things you can do at the Post Office.  We have personal mailboxes so you can have your US Mail delivered right to your private mailbox in our store.  

We have convenient parking and friendly service!  
Also, we are open on government holidays and every Saturday from 9-12!

Skip the Post Office and visit The Sisters!  

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What can we do for you?

• We can ship anything anywhere for you.

• We can package items for you to assure their safety in
     transit, or you can do it yourself with our materials.

• We can provide you or your home business with a
      street address using our Personal Mail Boxes.

• We can be your office staff and we have all
            the amenities of a typical office.

Check out all we can do for you: Sisters' Services.