Twitter: A brief history

January 2006
  • Jack Dorsey and Biz Stone, employees of San Francisco podcasting startup Odeo, begin discussing product ideas related to status updates. Jack was an engineer at Odeo; Biz was Odeo’s creative director.
February 2006
  • Odeo’s founder and CEO, Ev Williams, holds a pep talk encouraging Odeo employees to divide into small teams to brainstorm potential new product ideas. Each team was tasked with focusing on one idea and given two weeks to build a prototype.
  • Jack and Biz pair to work on their idea, now dubbed “Twttr” (because the domain is owned by a birding enthusiast). Odeo employee Noah Glass suggested the name.
March 2006
  • Formal work on the Twitter project begins in early March, with Jack, Biz and Noah contributing to the effort. Here is an early sketch of the design.
July 2006
  • After several months of being available only to Odeo employees and friends of the company, “Twttr” goes public. Biz & Ev announce Twttr in dueling blog posts.
  • GigaOm’s Om Malik writes the first-ever story about Twttr; others roundly pan it.
October 2006
  • After an extensive search for other buyers, the Odeo board of directors accepts Ev’s offer to buy Odeo back from investors. Ev forms Obvious Corp., an incubator for new ideas and products, including Klecto, Odeo and Twitter.
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  • Metrics
    • Twitter employees: 60
    • Registered accounts: more than 28 million
    • Tweets per day: more 12 million
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  • Twitter launches localized versions of Twitter in French and Spanish.
December 2009
  • Twitter launches localized versions of Twitter in German and Italian.
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