Learning Targets

In keeping with Twinfield's implementation of proficiency-based learning, these Learning Targets guide the Middle School Art curriculum by defining what we want students to KNOW, UNDERSTAND, and be able to DO (KUD) by the end of 8th grade. The Proficiency Indicators describe this in detail, while the Learning Scale links to the document used to both teach these skills and help students track their own progress.

Learning Scale for MS Art



Students KNOW:

1. Basic art vocabulary & concepts appropriate to selected media,​ ​such as:

  1. Contrast

  2. Elements of Art

    • ●  line, shape (geometric /organic), color, texture, value

    • ●  depth (1­point perspective, contour, shading)

  3. Color harmonies (warm/cool, complements, monochromatic, analogous)

  1. Art is about IDEAS.

  2. Artists are made, not born. (These are learnable skills.)

  3. If you’re not making mistakes, you’re not learning anything new.

Students can (D0):

  • Generate original ideas for artwork.
  • Use the Creative Cycle-- THINK-MAKE-IMPROVE :
    • come up with ideas for artwork, and work out those ideas with sketches
    • make art that shows care & effort
    • use feedback and reflection to improve work-in-progress
  • Select & prepare artwork for display, including an organized & purposeful artist statement.
  • Demonstrate perseverance, the ability to work through problems & challenges. 
  • Work effectively as self­-directed learners in a studio environment.