2016-17 Archive

Here's a sample of student work from last year:

Session 1, Big Art! Murals & Collaborative Art (September-October):  Students created several large-scale murals -- both short-term masking tape murals and longer-term paintings -- to make an impact on our school environment.


Session 2, Digital Photography (October-November): Students practiced using both natural and studio lighting, learned to look for contrast and good composition, and leveraged the power
of Photoshop to create some striking photographs.


Session 3,  Print-Making & Book Arts (December-January): Students made Origami Star Books and Accordian 6-pocket Books, and experimented with stenciling, stamping, and other page-decoration techniques. Everyone made a Reduction Block Print, then chose a different type of print-making for their final project.


Session 4, 2D Media (February-March):  For students who love to draw and paint, this is a chance to deepen your skills and experiment with different styles. You will learn new techniques for many drawing and painting media including graphite, charcoal, pastels, watercolor and acrylics, plus collage and mixed media.

Session 5, 3D Media (April-June): Immerse yourself in all kinds of sculpture. You will work with clay for about half the class before moving on to other sculptural materials like paper mâché, wire, foamcore, and packing tape.