Art Explorations at Twinfield
Seventh & eighth graders choose from 5 different mini-courses, which meet 4 days/week for about 6 weeks. The Explorations Block also includes PE and Music electives. All students are required to take 1 Art elective, and may choose to take a second Art elective if interested. 

Art Electives for 2018-19:

Session 1- Big Art!  Large-scale sculptures, murals, banners, and installations are all possible in this class. The year starts with paper-mache bas relief (using earthen clay-- a.k.a "mud"-- to build forms for the paper mache. Students work individually or as teams, with a focus on art designed for the school community.  Here are some of last years' relief sculptures.

Session 2- Digital Photography & Digital Art:  Students will learn how to use light, contrast and composition to create interesting photographs and use editing apps like Photoshop Elements to alter images. Experimentation with GIFs and short animations is likely.

Session 3- Print-Making: Students carve linoleum block prints, make their own t-shirt designs with screen-printing, and experiment with other print-making techniques such as hand-cut stencils, monotypes, and large-scale tangram prints.

See last year's print-making photos here.

Session 4- 2D Media:  For students who love to draw and paint, this is a chance to work on their skills and experiment with different styles. Practice traditional techniques such as hatching, value shading, and basic color theory, using a range of media including graphite, charcoal, pastels, and acrylics.

Session 5- 3D Media:  Students will make 3 different kinds of sculpture using familiar techniques plus some new ones: relief sculpture (using found / recycled objects), free-standing sculpture (using pottery clay) and large-scale hanging mobiles (using wire, foamcore, or packing tape).  Click here to see photos from last year.