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Courses: Synapse 9, Synapse 10

 Joanna Fowler, Chris Sheehan,
Kayla Toher, Charlie Wanzer, and Julie Shedd


Synapse combines Science, Social Studies, and English into one class for 9th and 10th graders. Students will engage with ideas and topics that combine the subjects, making connections, working with others, and communicating effectively. Students will learn to use technology as a tool to access information, create products, and express ideas. They will have opportunities to pursue their interests and invest personally in their learning. As students engage in the understanding of the big ideas of our cultures, the need and desire to know and engage with the nuances of history and the sciences will only grow. Rarely in life is any one subject truly studied in isolation. By centering our new course around focus questions and allowing students freedom in the ways they explore these concepts, students will discover the connections that unite the disciplines. 

Students will earn three credits: one in Science, one in English, and one in Social Studies. Teachers will assess student work based on the Vermont Proficiencies and Performance Indicators.

Copy of Intro Letter

Synapse 10 Class Norms
1. In here, we are SCHOLARS!
2. Trust in your relationships with peers.
3. Golden Rule
4. Respect everyone.
5. Be a team.

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Important Dates

November 2 and November 6: High School Parent Night!  Pizza at 5:30 and High School Presentations to follow!
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