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Artistic Habits of Mind

These eight “habits of mind” are integral to all artistic practice. Many of them have value across disciplines and are important life skills. Teaching these “studio habits” is widely recognized as integral to good art education.

●      Develop Craft (skill development and knowledge about tools, materials and              

        art concepts)

●      Engage & Persist (putting your heart into it and not giving up when it gets hard)

●      Envision (the ability to visualize and imagine)

●      Express (creating work that communicates an idea, feeling, or personal meaning)

●      Observe (looking closely to see things that might otherwise be overlooked)

●      Reflect (learning to evaluate your work and talk about it with others)

●      Stretch & Explore (pushing yourself to try new things, and embrace opportunities to              learn from mistakes and accidents)

●      Understand Art Worlds (learning about art history, multicultural art, and contemporary          artistic practice)

From “Studio Thinking: the Real Benefits of Visual Art Education,” Lois Hetland et al, (Teachers College Press, 2007)