Medication Policy

Any student required to take prescription or over-the-counter medication during school hours must comply with the established procedures for medication to be administered during the school day.
  • Permission forms for prescription medication signed by the student's parent or guardian and a signature from the student's physician/care provider/dentist/specialist must be submitted before any medication will be administered.
  • All medication (prescription and over-the-counter) must be kept in its original container and locked in the Nurse's Office. Prescription containers must have a label with the names of the student, pharmacy and prescribing health care provider.
  • In certain situations (diabetes, asthma, anaphylaxis, etc.), a student may be permitted to self-manage his or her medication. The student and student's parents or guardians must first discuss the condition with the school nurse and outline a plan with the approval of the student's healthcare┬áprovider.