A required course for all high school math options, this course will cover: fractions, decimals, percents, ratio-proportions, as well as rules for exponents, solving equations and inequalities, mathematical properties of real numbers, real number operations, graphing linear equations, problem solving, factoring, Pythagorean theorem, roots, functions, advanced graphing, the quadratic formula, and some basic statistics. 


This class will help you become more comfortable with manipulating variables, working with negative numbers, creating functions and graphing.  Mutual respect and hard work will bring us success and learning. 


I expect my Algebra students to:

* think critically and to ask questions when you have them.  

* encourage your classmates and to make yourself available to help them learn. 

* complete homework assignments on time and seek help when needed. 

* have your computer with you in class as well as an organized notebook or binder. 

You are responsible for learning the material that was missed if you are absent from class.


We will know you have learned the material if you are able to show your knowledge on the quizzes and final exam.  If you truly understand the material, you should not need to ask me questions during these assessments.  As on the SBACs and the SATs, I will not be giving hints or help during math assessments and semester exams.  If you are not yet proficient, you will continue to work on the skills with adult or peer support and may take another assessment to show your improved skills.


When Assessments are proficient you will scan them and submit them to LiFT as evidence of your learning.

Course Topics:

1) Connections to Algebra

2) Properties of Real Numbers

3) Solving Linear Equations

4) Graphing Linear Equations and Functions

5) Writing Linear Equations

6) Solving & Graphing Linear Inequalities

7) Systems of Linear Equations & Inequalities

8) Exponents & Exponential Functions

9) Quadratic Equations & Functions

Subpages (1): Alg. 1 homework