Bioethics and Science through Literature, taught by Julie Shedd and Joanna Fowler Semester 2

This class is for seniors and will meet for a full block two days a week.

Bioethics will allow students to delve into a variety of highly controversial issues in society. Students will focus on issues through the lens of current scientific research, while also focusing on societal influences in the making of ethical decisions. In examining the morality of situations, students will formulate arguments based on scientific research, paying particular attention to evidence used to support those arguments. In addition, students will include in their arguments influences that are more difficult to quantify, such as background, personal experience, and religion. Students will also study literature, investigating how authors make connections to science and civilization and how science influences culture. Possible titles for study include Frankenstein, Flowers for Algernon, Othello, and The Martian.

This class can be designated as Honors with the completion of summer work and additional or alternative assignments throughout the course of the year.

Proficiencies addressed in both Science and English