8th grade syllabus

8th grade spanish will expand on the learning students have acquired in the 7th grade. We will review the concepts of culture, review where spanish is spoken in the world. Students will review and practice: basic greetings, abc's, numbers, colors, days of the week, months of the year. Students will practice short, useful conversations, be able to express likes and dislikes, know body parts, family members, tell time and begin a story telling unit. 

Students will know:
*countries where spanish is spoken
In spanish:
*letters & numbers
*the calendar
*family members and be able to describe them
*beginning storytelling

Students will:
*participate respectfully toward each other and the teacher
*come ready to learn, prepared with their notebook and pen/pencil
*advocate for themselves when necessary
*know MS habits of learning and do their best!

* come to class prepared with binder and pen/pencil
*regular attendance, for a planned absence or extended illness please contact the teacher.
* support at home: some of the assignments require the student to ask questions, label items or teach/read something to their parents.
*communicate with the teacher regarding any issues that interfere with learning.

*Vocabulary quizzes and Tests
*Project presentations (students teach)  which include: a lesson, an activity, an assessment
*oral recitation
*cartoons and illustrations
*successful responses to directed questioning
*positive habits of learning

The best way to reach me is to send an e-mail ehrenmillernogueira@twinfiled.net  I can also be reached by phone during the day at 426-3213 ext:235 You may call me at home before 7:30pm if it is really important at 456-1414  (I read my e-mail regularly).
Resources: www.wordreference.com , digitaldialects.com, quiaquiaweb, studyspanish.com

Interrogatives: qué? cómo? dónde? quíén? cuándo? cuántos? porqué? porque 

SEMESTER 1: Me gusta-No me gusta/La Familia/ Interogativos
Sept-Oct : We started likes and dislikes
 by 9/8 Assignment: write a list IN SPANISH of 5 things you like (me gusta) and 5 things you dislike (no me gusta). Not sure of the word or need to borow a dictionary? if you are using google translate make sure to write "the dog "that way you will learn wheater the item is masuline or feminine.

I was out and students began watching 'Real girls have curves" a movie about a young hispanic girl in the US who discovers her parents are not legal residents as the story unfolds, based on true stories.

Finish your me gusta/no me gusta visuals for presentation: Purpose to be able to express likes and dislikes, particularly your personal preferences. Create a visual that shows what you like and what you do not like with a minimum of 5 things on each side in spanish, make sure to take notice when you look up the word if it a masculine or feminine noun. Concept: all nouns in Spanish take gender

9/29 We are creating whole class story telling, each student memorizing one line to form a complete story, which will lead into the interrogatives (question words).
10/23 Practice question words, create a rythm, rhyme or rap or song to remember them in small groups.

11/20: El Mercado: the market. Choose your store, pick 10 items, plan your visuals, cost, and necessary vocabulary. Working with a group create your store label and price your items. Be the vendedor, be the comprador. We will work on the store until Thanksgiving ( Día de Gracias) and plan to open them after the holiday.
12/1 El Mercado: Practice your own 10 words, Plan and begin your artwork for  your mercado stand, name your stand, choose your currency and start to create it.
Before leaving the class all students were to have a list of their groups words to bring home and begin studying.
12/11: we had a dress reahersal for our Mercado on Tuesday we will buy and sell at our Mercado.


La familia vocab y proyecto describe su familia:  The family vocab and project describe your family.

Beginning storytelling:
Learn the interrogatives (question words) ¿Cómo?(how?), ¿qué?(what?) ¿dónde?(where?) ¿dónde está?(where is?) ¿quién? (who?)¿ cuántos?(how much/many?)
 ¿cuándo?(when?) ¿porqué? (why?) por que (because, notice no accent)

Which Way Home: a movie about young people making their way to the US to try to achieve the American Dream.

Interrogatives quiz (question words) : Friday 5/13