7th Grade French


Welcome to 7th Grade French

Instructor: Maureen Davis

Phone: 426-3213 ext. 220


In 7th grade you will have French class twice a week for one semester. You will be exposed to a variety of vocabulary and expressions that will give you the tools to conduct some basic conversations with your classmates.

Goals of the course: 

You will be able to:

·      Count from 1-1000.

·      Spell words

·      Greet someone and ask for/share information about your name, age, where you live, what is your birthday and how you are feeling.

·      Tell the names of colors

·      Tell dates including day, month, date, season and year.

·      Ask and tell about the weather.

·      Discuss the name, geographical region, flag, weather and geographical features of a francophone country.

Learning Activities include:

·      Games such as dix, card slap, the jumping game, bingo, battleship, and hangman.

·      Guided partner question and answer practice

·      Whole and small group vocabulary practice activities such as mill and seethe, inside/outside circles, question trains, ball toss, a/b activities, white boards, number/letter cross-out, flashcards, emotional alphabet, create a number and more.

·      Pronunciation practice through choral repetitions of vocabulary and structures