Twin Isles Property Owners Association, Inc.

Protect your Pets

Beware that all Algae could be Toxic in any of the Highland Lakes:

Please see below website for the protection of pets – LCRA’s recommendations



1. CLEAN - Inspect your boat, trailer and gear and remove all plant material, mud and foreign objects.

2. DRAIN - Remove all water from the boat, including the motor, bilge, livewells and bait buckets.

3. DRY - Open all compartments and allow the boat and trailer to dry for at least a week or more before entering another body of water. If the boat and trailer cannot be dried for at least a week, wash them with high-pressure, hot soapy water.

Clean, Drain and Dry Video:



Mailing Address:

Twin Isles Property Owners Association, Inc.

PO Box 1112

Kingsland, Texas 78639-1112

E-mail address for Twin Isles POA Board:

Burnet County Sheriff - 512-756-8080

Burn ban status may be derived by calling:

512-756-8080 (Sheriff's Office),

512-756-5420 (Main Courthouse) or

512-756-5437 (Environmental Services).

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