Welcome To Guilsfield Community Council

The Community Council is the first level of Local Government, with Councillors being volunteers from the Community Area – it gives residents from the locality the opportunity to have a say on matters affecting the Community Area.

The  number of Members/Councillors is dependent on population size and Guilsfield Community Council has twelve Councillors.  The Community Area includes the village of Guilsfield, the hamlet of Groes Llwyd and surrounding rural area.  The Community Area is divided into two wards:

Guilsfield Village         -           Represented by 8 Councillors
Guilsfield Rural           -           Represented by 4 Councillors

The Community Council is supported by the clerk, a part time employee of the Community Council.

Numerous matters are dealt with by the Community Council: a few examples are –

Planning Applications
giving the opportunity for Community opinions to be put to Powys County Council Planning Services during the Consultation period.

Highway Matters
Recommendations regarding improvements – site meetings with Powys CC give opportunity for local views to be put forward.
Notification of areas requiring maintenance.Recommendations in respect of waste collections and monitoring of dog fouling.Reporting of Street lighting failures.
Responsible for the management and maintenance of the three Play Areas
Park Road and Maes y Celyn and the open space in The Square.

The Community Council is governed within a framework of rules or Standing Orders. You can find these in the top menu and download if you wish.

The Community Council is funded/financed by ‘precept payment’ from Powys County Council which is included in Powys CC Council Tax as ‘Guilsfield’

The Community Council meets monthly, excepting August unless deemed necessary, rotating Monday to Thursday during the 3rd or 4th week in month.  Dates for the forthcoming year are agreed at the AGM held in May.  Meetings are held in the Committee room at the Community Centre and commence at 8pm, unless otherwise agreed, with correspondence and Planning Applications being available for viewing from 7.30pm.

Public attendance is welcomed at all meetings.