Welcome to Room 26 !

I am so excited to be able to teach your child this year.  We will be learning a lot of things this year and working with skills your child has already mastered. 

The main focus in room 26 is helping the students to develop social skills, increase language and encourage appropriate behavior.   At the same time we will be learning our letters, numbers, shapes, and colors and practicing our cutting and writing skills.  We will be enjoying books, playing with peers and learning to work independently.  And of course, all of this work will help students make progress on IEP goals !

We (teachers, parents, aides and related service providers) are a team working together to help your child succeed in school and life.  There will be a communication folder sent home daily.  This is my way of letting you know how your child did that day in school.  I would appreciate it if you would also use this to communicate to me how your child's morning went before school and any positive thoughts or concerns you would like to share. 

I look forward to working with you to make this year a happy experience for your child.

~ Kate Page