Green Architecture Syllabus

Green Architecture Syllabus

Instructor: Kelly Maxey

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Today’s students have grown up in an age of “green” choices. In this unit, students learn how to apply this concept to the fields of architecture and construction by exploring dimensioning, measuring, and architectural sustainability as they design affordable housing units using Revit, Autodesk’s 3D architectural design software.


Green Architecture is a project-based class. Grades will be based on classwork, projects, quizzes, and participation. Student grades will be calculated using a “weighted” system. The grading breakdown is:

Projects/Performance Tasks:

Projects are very common in Green Architecture. Some tasks take quite a bit of time to complete, others will be completed in one class period. Work will be collected and graded at the end of each unit.

Overview of Units:

Unit 1: Introduction/Review Design Process

-The Design Process, Applying the Design Process

Unit 2: Architectural Basics

-Architectural Measurement, Measuring the Classroom, My Classroom in Revit, Estimating Flooring Material, Reading Floorplans, Dream Master Bedroom Suite

Unit 3: Sustainable Architecture

-Rebuilding Greensburg, Sustainability Project,

Unit 4: Architectural Challenge

-Wood Frame Construction, Building a Shed, Shipping Container Homes

Unit 5: Supplement (if time)

-Housing Styles, School of the Future

Please discuss the information and procedures for Green Architecture with your child. I encourage you to contact me with any questions or concerns regarding this class at You can also access your child's digital portfolio from m main website.