This is the first year that VRMS has offered robotics....but the kids are loving it!  We have learned about...
  • Computer code -  how it can be written and manipulated to perform simple tasks.
  • Gear systems ( 11 of them) - how they can be built and used to assist in movement.
  • Gear systems - how they affect speed and torque
  • RobotC (a computer language) - how commands can be used to make a variety of motors and sensors operate simultaneously.
  • We are just beginning to combine all of the knowledge while creating automated systems (dragsters, elevators, retractable bridges, etc.)
Stay tuned for more videos.....

Beginning Robotics: Arduinos

Pulltoy Parade


Automated SIgns

 Automated Toll Arm Video Presentations

Toll Arm Logan and Mason


Toll Arm Lynelle Owen

 "Femineers" club