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Susan Rogers teaches Middle and High School FAMILY AND CONSUMER SCIENCE,
                             and High School HEALTH at Twin Valley Middle High School.

Contact info:
email address:  srogers@tvhs.k12.vt.us                 phone: 802-368-2880 ext. 1027

HEALTH is offered as a semester class in 9th Grade.

Students take Family and Consumer Science (FCS) in 7th and 8th Grade.
In HighSchool, there are a variety of FCS classes that are offered throughout the year:
  • Baking and Creative Cooking
  • Sewing and Crafts
  • World Cuisines
  • Food and Fitness 
  • Infant and Child Development 
 Schoolwide Practices
This page includes links to resources describing practices used across TVMHS classes.

Grades & Transcripts:

Proficiency Based Learning:
(Note: Proficiency Based Learning = Competency Based Learning)

Writing across content areas:
Collins Writing Program
Classroom Instruction:

Testing (Measures of Academic Progress, MAPs):
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