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Twin Valley Middle High School
7th & 8th Grade Social Studies
Phone: (802) 368-2880

Our Mission: Make Social Studies Relevant.  (Check out 8th grade outline to apply it!)

** Please make sure to check in with your students as 7th and 8th grade social studies have a new home on Google Classroom which they are all a part of.
Google classroom will be used to post and submit assignments.
Class notes, documents used, helpful links and much of what is addressed in class will also be available on the virtual classroom.
Please urge your students to check the classroom if they are absent.
Have questions about what google classroom is? Check out this link Google Classroom FAQs

Homework will also be updated via the homework tab on the school web page. 

Salway 7th '16-17 7-1 & 7-2

Salway 8th '16-'17 8-1 & 8-2

Most documents are sent out via google docs. if not sent on the classroom. 

Have some free time? Check out the NY Times Learning Page, take the quizzes, complete the problems!

Home of the Wildcats

 Background Info:

This is going to be my 8th year at TVMS and I am psyched about it! I did my undergraduate and graduate work at Quinnipiac University in New Haven Ct.  I received my bachelors of history and my masters in education as well as playing on the tennis team throughout my college career. I worked down in Ct. before coming here at Dag Hammarskjold and Moran middle schools both in Wallingford and continue to work down in CT during the summer teaching tennis.  I am energetic, love sports, history, teaching, the outdoors, fishing, snowboarding, reading and music.

I love all the possibilities that Twin Valley has opened for me and for the students. I am involved in multiple Wings programs, coaching and reffing.