Welcome to GFB's Virtual Main Office
Mr. Takeuchi in GFB's main office


Dear Tuxedo Community,


First and foremost, we write with the sincere hope that this message finds you and all your loved ones safe and healthy during this surreal and unprecedented time.  The irony in all of this is that while we must remain physically apart from one another, we will persevere and get through this situation by working together! We would like to thank everyone in the Tuxedo Community; students, parents, staff and residents alike; for their patience, understanding and dedication to education.  


As we are sure that you are aware, we are transitioning to a distance learning format in order to continue the educational process for our students while doing everything in our power to keep them safe from this pandemic.  However, with change comes uncertainty, and with that truth in mind we are trying to create some semblance of regularity wherever possible. One of the measures we are taking to accomplish this goal is the creation of our first ever GFB Virtual Main Office!


The purpose of this virtual main office is to provide information and to serve as a means of communication with the school in a consistent and efficient manner.  While other forms of contact such as phone call, fax or the post office are still viable options, due to government mandates limiting staff in the building, the email addresses provided here are the safest bet to reach the school as they can be monitored remotely.


On this site you will find online resources, access to our Tech Help Desk, videos, updates and other features that may be of help while learning digitally from home.  Please feel free to familiarize yourself with all this site has to offer and be sure to check back frequently as we will continuously update the information. If you have any questions, please select the “Contacting the Main Office” option on this page and feel free to email the appropriate staff member accordingly.


Yours Truly,

Nicole Scariano

Superintendent of Schools and GFB Upper School Principal