If any student needs tutoring in regular OR high school math or in fact any subject(although I have seen her perform miracles in high school math), this lady is INCREDIBLE…..I have personally heard back from MANY parents that their kids have improved dramatically in Algebra, Geometry, or whatever…She now has a summer program, but she can be also used for just plain tutoring in any subject , and she is cheaper than most!!!

Guidance Counselor

My daughter Dash came to Miss Kimberly, reading way below grade level. She hated school and I didn't know how to fix the situation. By chance I found Miss Kimberly's infos online and gave her a call. I took my daughter to The Learning House, and within a month time, my daughter had improve in her reading and math skills dramatically. Ms Kimberly is patient, organized and more importantly, she makes learning fun. Dash always as a big smile when it's time to go to The Learning House..... Thanks Miss Kimberly. Mary D.‎

Education with inspiration.‎
A Learning house offers education for pre-schools to teens and adults needing some extra tutoring. Ms Kimberely has created a unique environment dedicated to inspire and motivate her students to want to learn. Now thats what the pubic schools could use more of. Thank you, Ms Kimberly‎

Learning House‎
Miss Kimberly combines old fashion common sense and modern techniques to create an atmosphere where learning and respect for others thrive.‎

No Longer A Math Hater‎
My 16 yr old son has been being tutored by Ms. Kimberly for a few months now. He says that she is good and he is finally learning Algebra. I would gladly recommend her for anyone that has a child struggling with school work.‎

Best school in Naples‎
A Learning House has such a wonderful atmosphere and one on one learning techniques.‎