Study Skills

Middle School

In elementary school, sufficient time to complete most projects and major assignments are given in class. Additionally, having only one teacher means expectations are similar in all subjects. This can create a bit of culture shock for many students entering middle school.

Expectations are often different for every teacher.  Projects can be assigned in different subjects simultaneously or multiple tests may occur on the same day. Juggling nightly homework, project due dates and studying for tests can get overwhelming. Sometimes students seem like they don’t care anymore, but they have actually shut down out of frustration. They need someone to help them get organized and get back on track.

Most parents are more than happy to step into this role. Unfortunately, the last thing most tweens want is to be micromanaged by their parents. Loving, concerned, and well meaning parents can sometimes create more frustration and students can shut down even further. Criticism is the hardest to receive from those you care about the most.

When it comes to general study skills and grade improvement, students often need, not just a tutor, but a mentor. Someone who can offer a fresh and larger perspective on the importance of academic achievement. We strive to motivate students by celebrating every small success, as we prepare them to overcome the next hurdle.
High School

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