Reading Tutoring

Phonics vs. Whole Language

    Many parents in our area are surprised the first time they
read with their child, expecting them to use phonics skills to sound out the words. Unfortunately, phonics is not the predominate method used to teach reading in Collier County and numerous other school districts across the
country. Instead, schools use a combination of phonics and whole language. Many school districts began replacing phonics with an entirely whole language based approach in the 80’s, however, the combined approach is now more common. Some children are able to memorize words more quickly and thus respond well to this approach. Other children struggle.

    According to the findings of the NRP (National Reading
Panel), “systematic phonics instruction leads to significant
positive benefits for students in kindergarten through sixth
grade and for children with difficulty learning to read.”

    However, finding a true phonetic reading program is not easy. Even curricula that claim to be phonics based have been diluted with sight words over the last 30 years of wide spread whole language instruction.

    Fortunately, we have found two entirely phonetic curricula, one of which is over 50 years old. Children who do not like to read because it’s too difficult, often enjoy reading phonetic stories. Once they know the sounds of each letter and learn to blend the sounds together, decoding words becomes easy and fun. As their confidence builds, so does their enjoyment of reading.
Tutoring vs. Supplemental Education

    Most franchise tutoring companies actually specialize in supplemental education, while private tutors tend to focus on assisting students in their current subject matter. Both approaches are extremely helpful in improving a student’s overall performance.

    However, the ideal approach is a seamless combination of the two. Our program is less structured than a supplemental program, but we still have multiple reading curricula and remedial resources at our finger tips at 
all times.

Different students struggle for different reasons. We work on school work for immediate results, while periodically supplementing their instruction with a variety of materials.  This allows us to implement the best strategy based on their specific needs and learning style at any given time. This seamless integration of curriculum support and supplemental instruction creates fast results in a highly interesting and engaging way.

Many of our materials can also be duplicated for home use or accessed online so that parents and students who are motivated to work at home and want to reduce their tutoring costs or increase their results, can study as much or as little as they want on their own.