Players/Parents Agreement

Tustin Soccer’s Advanced Play Program (APP) consists of All Stars, Spring Select and the Fall EXTRA program. Its players and their parent/guardian(s) agree to the following:

Player Team Commitment: A player selected as a part of the Tustin Soccer APP will commit to his or her APP team as their priority non-school activity from the beginning of practice through the APP Post-Season tournament or playoffs. It is expected that every player attends each practice at the agreed upon time. Players are expected to attend all games and a minimum of 2 mandatory practices per week and to consistently give their 100% effort at all APP activities.

Volunteer Activities: It is expected that parent/guardian(s) of APP players take an active role not only in the APP but also the AYSO Fall Recreation program which is the heart of the AYSO program.

Ambassadors: Every APP parent/guardian and player has the responsibility to be an ambassador of not only Tustin Soccer but also of the City of Tustin and all of AYSO. He/she will be looked upon to set the right example at practices and games and through his/her volunteer activities. All players, parents and their families are expected to have a positive attitude at all games and practices and to follow the direction of their coaches. Parent/guardian(s) and their families agree to let the coaches coach and not give direction or coaching at any games including scrimmages.

Financial Obligation: There will be a financial obligation associated with participation in the Tustin Soccer APP seasons as follows. Program fees (EXTRA, All Stars, Spring) are NOT refundable.

Registration: Every player must be registered with Region 96. In addition each program has an additional cost

EXTRA: Fee includes a week-long professional clinic, a practice jersey, a pre-season and a post season play tournament, administrative and league fees.  

All Stars: Fee includes a practice jersey, a t-shirt, a pre-season tournament, fields maintenance, administrative and league fees.  

Spring Select: Fee includes t-shirt, fields maintenance, administrative and league fees.

Additional Costs: Uniforms (usually between $50-$100 depending on the APP program), optional tournaments, and optional merchandise such as warm-ups and backpacks are not included in these fees.

Paid Trainers: Each team may elect to hire a professional trainer with the approval of the APP Coordinator.  That cost is shared amongst the team members, and typically costs between $75-$200 per player depending on the number of training sessions provided by the trainer.

Sportsmanship.  All players and parents are expected to have a positive attitude at all games and practices, and to follow the direction of their coaches.  

Five (5) Goal Differential Rule: In Tustin, we believe that part of good sportsmanship is not running up the score on an opponent.  Tustin Soccer therefore requires that all players and parent(s) uphold the five (5) goal differential rule which the AYSO Region 96 Board of Directors has approved. No Tustin Soccer team, whether part of the core program or the APP, is permitted to score or win a game by more than 5 goals than their opponent.

Logos: No player/parent is permitted to use any of the Tustin Regional, Tustin Advanced Play, AYSO logos or names to create their own clothing or goods, whether they be for personal use or otherwise.