About Me

Welcome! My name is Ms. Peterson and I am the English Teacher at Tuscumbia High School.

This is my second year in the district and my fourth year in education. This year I will be teaching the following: Great Books, English Language Arts I, English Language Arts II, American Sign Language, Publications, and English Language Arts III.

Now, a little about myself... I spent most of my childhood living in Columbia, Missouri and moved to Linn Missouri when I was in middle school. My parents are both teachers at Linn high school (and yes I had both of them for multiple years). My mom teaches mathematics and my dad teaches history and social sciences. I have one younger brother who is a Architectural Design Artist (a.k.a drafter) with the Missouri Builder's Association. I graduated from Columbia College where I minored in American Sign Language. Now, I live in Eldon, Missouri with my Great Dane/German Shepard mix, Delilah, and my boyfriend, Brett. Some hobbies of mine are reading, writing, painting, and glassblowing.

This site is to help get to know me a little better and to have a central location for information. There are external links to Google Classrooms and other sources that I utilize in my classes.