Resolution for GIS Revenue

WHEREAS, Tuscola County has expended considerable resources developing its information systems, and with significant investments in a Geographic Information System (GIS), Web Mapping Service and Land Records Portal, and

WHEREAS, Tuscola County will expend additional resources to maintain, improve, develop and acquire data, and recognizes the value and importance of GIS to the organization, funding mechanisms need to be implemented that sustain the technology and existing investments made by Tuscola County, and

WHEREAS, Tuscola County Policy on Enhanced Access to Public Records allows for the imposing of fees for enhanced access to those public records, and

WHEREAS, Tuscola County has fee schedules for the Enhanced Access to Public Records through its’ GIS Data, Online Web Mapping Service and Land Records Portal and currently uses the Enhanced Access Policy for the sale digital data, and

WHEREAS, Tuscola County recognizes that increased revenue may be generated from the imposed fees on the Enhanced Access for Online Web Mapping Services, and agrees that all revenue generated shall be used to maintain, sustain and develop GIS, Web Mapping Service and Land Records Portal, and

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Tuscola County Board of Commissioners hereby adopts the Tuscola County Resolution for GIS Revenue consenting to all GIS generated revenue remain for GIS purposes.