GIS Pricing Guide

Tuscola County GIS Pricing Guide

Online FETCH Pricing:

Business Accounts enable account holders to make recurring transactions without re-entering information for each transaction. Business Accounts offer pre-payment for credits that can be used through out the website.

  • 10 Credits for $30 ($3/credit)
  • 50 credits for $125 ($2.50/credit)
  • 100 credits for $200 ($2.00/credit)
Credits can be purchased at any time, but are only valid for one (1) year. Account holders will receive notification of payment to the account holders email as entered in the subscription form.

Cadastral Data (Parcels) (.shp Format):

  • $500 per Unit (Township/City)

  • $6,000.00 Countywide and $1,500 Annual Update*

  • $15,000.00 Countywide and $3,750 Annual Update**

Costs to other outside agencies may be discounted based on intended use or not for profit status.

* Annual updates mandatory and no redistribution rights of any kind.

** Annual updates mandatory and allows for redistribution rights of altered data.

Thematic Data (.shp Format):

Any spatial data layers not individually addressed above.  These could include but are not limited to roads, hydrology, sections etc.



Cost if layer maintained by Tuscola County



Cost if layer maintained by other agencies



       *A section equals approximately 1 square mile.

Aerial Imagery:



2011 natural color, leaf off, 12” resolution



    *A section equals approximately 1 square mile.


Tuscola County is not responsible for the accuracy of its GIS or the data contained therein. The GIS information published and disseminated by Tuscola County is compiled by Tuscola County, but Tuscola County does not verify such information and disclaims any responsibility for its accuracy. The purchaser of GIS data agrees to hold Tuscola County and its Board of Commissioners, employees, agents or representatives harmless against any inaccuracy or inadequacy, liability, loss, injury, or damage incurred as a consequence, directly or indirectly, resulting from the use and application of any of the GIS information provided by Tuscola County. Reproduction and/or redistribution of the data provided by Tuscola County is prohibited without the express written consent of Tuscola County.

Please fill out the following, showing that you have fully read, understand, and accept the terms and conditions as stated above.

GIS Pricing Guide