This agreement is between Tuscola County, and the authorized agent's school district hereinafter refered to as User, and is intended to set forth the conditions of User’s access to Tuscola County’s “Geographic Information System", hereinafter refer to as GIS data.

  1. Tuscola County agrees to reduce the required fee from $15,000 to just $5,000, for the initial purchase of the following GIS data layers:

  • Address points  

  • Parcels

  • Roads/Centerlines

  • School District Boundaries

  1. Tuscola County also agrees to reduce the first Annual Update fee of $3,750 to just $1,500, for the four original GIS data layers purchased.

  1. User agrees Tuscola County’s compiled GIS data is proprietary to Tuscola County, notwithstanding those portions of the GIS data that may be available from other nonproprietary sources.  User agrees that it will not sell, distribute or transfer Tuscola County’s compiled GIS Data, or portions thereof, to another, without the express permission of Tuscola County through the authority of its Board of Commissioners.  User acknowledges that Tuscola County has expended substantial sums to compile the GIS data.  If the User allows the GIS data to be available to others outside the limitations of this Agreement, User will be equally responsible to pay for such data at rates as established from time to time by the Board of Commissioners.  Compiled GIS data is not obtainable by FOIA request.

  1. User acknowledges that the Tuscola County does not provide any warranties or assurances as to the accuracy or the completeness of the GIS data or files and use of this information is that User’s sole risk.  User should verify the accuracy of any data.


By submitting the following form, the signatory affirm that they are a duly authorized agent of the respective user(s)and that they have fully read, understand, and accept the terms and conditions as stated above.

GIS Data Usage Agreement with Schools